What is female climacteric state? What are the symptoms?

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1 Answer

Climacteric period is a special transitional period in the lifetime of a woman, and it is a period for the female ovary functions to decline till the reproductive potency completely stops. It is publicly recognized among medical experts that, the climacteric period begins from 41 years old and will last for 15-20 years. During this transitional period, among 70-90% females, irregular menstruation will be induced because of declined ovary functions and decreased estrogen level, at the same time, a syndrome mainly displayed as functional disorder of autonomic nerve accompanying psychological symptoms will appear, and this is the climacteric syndrome. Among these women, the symptoms of approximately 10-30% females would be relatively serious. When people are stepping into an aged society and paying more and more attention on their health, the prevention and treatment of climacteric syndrome have become medical problem and social issue attracting the global attention. According to time ...
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