What is Graphic Communication?

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Graphic Communication is the study of visual form. Layouts created with typography, photography, and graphic shapes convey messages to an external source. Traditionally graphic layouts were two-dimensional and printed on surfaces such as paper. The field now includes electronic media.
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Graphic communication is an art and a science. It appeals to those who have a creative flair as well as to those who are interested in science, technology, and management. The field of graphic communication represents a very large profession. It is among the largest in the world. The profession embraces change requiring those pursuing graphic communication careers to learn new and diverse skills and be capable of making quick decisions. Graphic communication includes printing, publishing, packaging, digital imaging, computer graphics, Internet publishing, Web site development, digital photography, printable electronics, and related areas of mass media preparation and production. Beyond acquiring a foundation of knowledge in graphic communication, students further specialize in design reproduction technology, electronic publishing and imaging, printing and imaging management, and packaging graphics. Graphic communication refers to all areas of media and mass communication involving ... more
Graphic Communication is utilized in marketing, advertising, publishing and any other field when images and words are meant to display a certain idea or sell a product. Those involved in Graphic Communications take images and creative designs and put them to use in magazines, books, websites, catalogs, printed packages, newsletters and more. The Graphic Communications industry involves professionals from both creative and scientific fields, including graphic design, production design, printing management, photography, electronic publishing, digital imaging and design reproduction technology. Graphic communications professionals must be able to create, design, develop, reproduce and distribute all of the visual information they choose to put forth in the world. Individuals interested in the design technology aspect of Graphic Communications should have a strong background in website development, 2-dimensional design and typography. Those interested in the publishing aspect of Graphic ... more

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