What is Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD)?

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1 Answer

In GLAD classrooms, students who do not speak English as their first language are taught in ways that help them learn English and much more. They gain skills necessary for academic and social success to become effective, literate citizens of a global society. GLAD classrooms are models of respect for diversity, not only in language and ethnicity, but also, in thinking, learning, and personal experiences. School districts such as Everett Public Schools support teachers with ongoing professional development in GLAD strategies. Using district and state standards as their guides, GLAD teachers help students succeed in core curriculum and help build student confidence. During GLAD training sessions, teachers learn not only the theory behind what makes GLAD successful, but they learn clear, practical strategies they can use to promote positive, effective interactions in their classrooms. Part of the GLAD training process happens right where teachers work -- in their own classrooms. As a ... more
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