What is Hillbilly Golf?

Cornhole golf hillbilly

Hillbilly Golf is a yard game in which players take turns tossing bolas (two golf balls attached by a piece of rope) toward a short, three-rung ladder. The object of the game is to land your bolas on the rungs of the ladder to score points, with each rung being worth a different point value. The first team to 21 wins! Hillbilly Golf is known by many different names including: Arizona Golf Balls, Ball and Strings, Ball Dangle, Bola, Bolo, Bolo Ball, Bolo Golf, Bolo Polo, Bolo Toss, Chaski, Cowboy Golf, Dandy Golf, Dangling Balls, Drunken Golf, Flingy Ball, Gladiator, Golfball Horseshoes, Goofy Ball, Hillbilly Horseshoes, Horseballs, Hog Balls, Ladder Ball, Ladder Game, Ladder Golf, Ladder Toss, Monkey Bars Golf, Monkey balls, Montana Golf, Norwegian Golf, Pocca Bolo, Polish Golf, Poor Man’s Golf, Rattlerail Toss, Redneck Golf, Rodeo Golf, Snakes & Ladders, Snake Toss, Swedish Golf, Top Toss, Tower Ball, Wrappyrounds, and Zing-Ball. Hillbilly golf is a fun, portable game, sure to provide