What is Hoisting Equipment?

equipment hoisting

Hoisting equipment includes but is not limited to; commercially manufactured cranes, derricks, tower cranes, barge mounted derricks or cranes, gin poles, gantry hoist systems and fork trucks. The definition specifically excludes a “come-a-long” as being considered hoisting equipment. Connector Fall Protection Requirements: When an employee is determined to be a connector in accordance with the definitions, the following provisions apply: • At heights more than 30 feet, connectors must be provided and use fall protection. Fall protection includes guardrail systems, safety net systems, personal fall arrest systems, positioning device systems, or fall restraint systems. • At heights more than 15 feet and up to 30 feet, connectors must wear fall protection equipment with the ability to be tied off, unless guardrail systems or safety net systems are in place. The equipment worn would include full body harness, lanyard with appropriate deceleration device, and suitable anchorage equipment. E