What is home birth like?


If you are at home giving birth, you are given freedom to choose what position you want to deliver in, what is or is not done to your baby, and who is or is not present for your birth. In addition, you and your baby have the entire attention of your midwife, for as long as you need her. As a rule, how you are treated in a hospital is very different. A few comparisons: In the hospital, you are expected to follow their policies & procedure. At home, you get to set the policy & procedure. In a hospital, the father is “allowed” to be in the delivery room. At home, the father is regarded as a necessary labor support person. In a hospital, if you want to depart from the status quo, you have to fight to do so. At home, your wishes are respected without conflict, as long as safety is not an issue. In a hospital, you are more likely to have a C-section because of liability concerns. At home, if you end up having to go for a C-section, it truly was warranted. With routine doctor/hospital care, t