What is hypergranulation tissue?

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• Hypergranulation tissue is believed to occur as a result of an extended inflammatory response • We believe it may be caused by a reaction to the tube - the body is in fact "walling off" the tube • Pressure, moisture and friction may also contribute to the development of hypergranulation tissue • Hypergranulation tissue leaks a yellow, sticky drainage and it is often described as itchy, this tissue may bleed easily What do you do with hypergranulation tissue? Hypergranulation tissue (proud flesh) can affect the seal of the feeding tube. It may increase the amount of stomach contents that leak from the stoma. The drainage from the tissue can be irritating to the surrounding skin. Silver Nitrate application Silver Nitrate sticks can be used to cauterize (burn) the hypergranulation tissue. We suggest a five-day course of once daily treatments. Ensure that the surrounding skin is well protected prior to treating the hypergranulation tissue. Cortisone cream application A short course of ... more
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