What is ICTAP (Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan) and CTAP (Career Transition Assistance Plan)?

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1 Answer

ICTAP and CTAP are priority consideration programs for displaced or separated employees. CTAP is for DOI employees while ICTAP is for other agency employees. To be eligible for CTAP or ICTAP, the applicant must have been separated or is being separated in the local commuting area for the position being recruited . Also, the applicant must be well qualified (must be able to walk in and do the job) for the position and the position must not be higher graded than what the employee was when separated. If a CTAP employee meets all requirements, you must offer the position to that CTAP employee before offering to any other candidate. Under ICTAP, if you select anybody outside of the agency (DOI) then you must offer the job first to the ICTAP employee.
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