What is Imbolc?

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Imbolc was a Celtic festival that took place on 1 February. It was probably associated with the goddess Brigit, a goddess of fertility, learning and healing. In Christian mythology the Celtic Brigit became a saint and her festival is still widely celebrated in Ireland on 1st February. more
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(January 31st, February 1st or February 2nd depending on the region and which version is celebrated) Well - essentially it is a pre-christian festival celebrating lactating sheep and the increasing power of the Sun as the Winter season begins to change to Spring. In ancient times Imbolc was especially important as it meant heard animals had just given birth their first offspring of the year or had just begun lactating providing milk to the people. From the earliest times, Imbolc has been associated with the goddess "Brigit" - a Celtic fire goddess. Imbolc celebrations often include large bonfires, or large quantities of candles light throughout the home. Meals served on this day are often heavy with cream. Later as Roman Catholic control took over England, Ireland and Scotland - the church created St. Brigid's Day - so that they could more easily fit the Christian faith into the daily lives and traditions of the Pagan people. Some Catholics today have carried the pagan traditions of ... more
Imbolc is Festival in the Wheel of the Year, Kate Monkman more

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