What is "informal supervision?

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"Informal supervision" means that the petitioner and court will not proceed with adjudication of your child. Instead, you will agree to a plan of informal supervision. Read Kansas law number 38-2244 The plan of informal supervision will establish requirements for you to follow. If you follow all of the requirements for the duration of the plan, the case will be dismissed. All parties must agree to a plan of informal supervision. An order for informal supervision may remain in force for a period of up to six months. It may be extended, upon hearing, for an additional six-month period for a total of one year, for a child who remains in the custody of such child's parent, such one-year period may be extended if no party objects, upon hearing, for up to an additional one year, with reviews by the court occurring at least every six months. Read Kansas law 38-2244 with reference to (b). more
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