What is ISSA's policy on certification course refunds?

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1 Answer

Students who cancel within 5 days of course enrollment will receive a refund of all money paid to the institution. Beyond 5 days (but before the end of the enrollment period) the course may be cancelled and a refund requested. Refund is a percentage of refundable tuition and is based on the percentage of course work completed (see table below). The non-refundable registration fee of $95 and shipping costs will be subtracted before the refund percentage is calculated. % of refundable quizzes submitted tuition* due % of quizzes submitted: None Refund due: 100% % of quizzes submitted: 1%-10% Refund due: 90% % of quizzes submitted: 11%-25% Refund due: 75% % of quizzes submitted: 26%-50% Refund due: 50% % of quizzes submitted: 51% or more Refund due: 0% *Refundable tuition is the original tuition minus $95 regisration fee and shipping/handling costs We have provided a Cancellation and Course Material Return Form in your materials for fast, complete processing. Remit your cancellation ... more
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