What Is it Like To Live in Atlanta Georgia?

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1 Answer

It's nice if you live in the suburbs. It's less crowded and lower crime rates than in the actual city of Atlanta. Traffic is a headache. I recenty heard it ranked #3 for the worse traffic in the country. (right behind LA and Washington DC) The weather is decent and it has all the seasons. Summers are about 70-95 degrees. Winters get down to the teens and sometimes snow. (But it rarely stays a day or 2). Spring is a pain if you have allergies because the whole state will be covered in green/yellow pollen. The metro-Atlanta area is growing and has a lot of construction because the area is growing so quickly. And the night life can be fun if you know where to go. I can't help much with that area because I've had some interesting experiences whenever I go out. The bad areas I've heard of are Bankhead and College Park areas. Mostly south of Atlanta. I hope that gave you some insight! more
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