What is it like travelling to Indonesia as a Muslim?


travelling to Indonesia as a Muslim…

Nil Mel

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Kandarsad Kandarsad

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Darryl Renner Darryl Renner edited answer

Indonesia is an extremely spiritual and diverse country, and the truth is, a high percentage of its citizens are Muslims. This means that traveling to the country as a Muslim is actually very easy. In cities like Jakarta, you won’t find it difficult to find delicious Halal food, and many of the restaurants are also very affordable. 

In terms of worship, there are many beautiful mosques to take advantage of. On my last trip to I found this website https://umroh.com/jadwal-sholat, which had an updated Jadwal Sholat (prayer schedule) for cities across Indonesia. This made it extremely easy for me to plan my prayer around my travel, and I would recommend using it. 

In addition to all this, there are many cultural sites in Indonesia and the country is steeped in history. You can learn about Muslim heritage in the country as well as finding out about Indonesia’s many minority cultures.