What is KYOLIC® good for?

good KYOLIC®

KYOLIC® may be ideal for nourishing the body and thereby may support the recommended therapy your health care provider advises. Some studies have suggested that Aged Garlic Extract and some of its constituents may reduce cholesterol, thin the blood, protect the body from oxidants, increase the activity of cells in the body which maintain general well-being during cold and flu season, protect the body from radiation exposure, destroy tumor cells (limited evidence in animal models only). Aged Garlic Extract may also increase the activity of enzymes in the liver which function to detoxify the body from heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins. KYOLIC® is not a magic bullet, will not work equally for everyone, and should be taken in conjunction with, not in place of sound therapy recommended by your health care professional. Nutritional support for: Those with elevated cholesterol levels. Those with highly stressful lifestyles. Those who desire possible nutritional protection from heavy me