What is L-Proline used for and who uses it?

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1 Answer

L-Proline is an amino acid that plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen, the most abundant protein in human body. Collagen is the principal protein and building block for the construction of all human connective tissues including skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, joints, bone, as well as blood vessels, arteries, veins, and lymph vessels. Supplementation with L-Proline can significantly improve the body's ability to synthesize vitally important connective tissues that can often fall into disrepair as we age. L-Proline can be a very beneficial supplement for individuals suffering from joint and connective tissue problems. Although L-Proline is synthesized by the human body, at times the amount produced may be inadequate for maintaining joint health and a healthy musculoskeletal system. Vegetarians are more likely to be deficient in L-Proline and with respect to this they stand to benefit greatly with L-Proline supplementation. People recovering from traumatic injury, ... more
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