What is length of a stretch limo?

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the average stretch limo has 120" of room inside but overall length of around 17.5' the Excursion Limo is 180" inside and around 18-19' one of the largest limo in the world is: GO STRETCH - Ultimate WAVE LIMO Big Brother to the WAVE Limo ! This limo is the BIG brother to the WAVE limo. At 38 feet in length its one of the longest Millennium WAVE Limousines in Europe. It has all the usual GO STRETCH feature with a brand new AWESOME custom designed color interior to match the Tidal Wave Excursion and Hummer H2. 10 Seater Super Stretch Smoke Machine, Strobes, Lasers, Disco Lights 5000 Watts Audio System with Sub Woofers Flat Screen TV's - DVD Player 16 foot mirror ceiling Fiber Optics, Neon, Stargazer Ceiling 22 Foot mirrored bar with Custom lighting 4 Multi Color Plasma Dishes Answer originally posted in response to What is length of a stretch limo?
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