The project code named MCA 21 was conceived and implemented by the Ministry of Company Affairs in association with Tata Consultancy Services Limited to usher in E-Governance in the field of Company Law. The Ministry has issued Notification No. GSR 56(E) on February 10, 2006 and has notified a completely new set of e-forms replacing all of the earlier paper forms required to be filed under various provisions of the Companies Act. From 28th February, 2006 no Form in the earlier formats were valid. From 16th September, 2006 completely online filing is introduced and paper forms or forms without digital signatures are no more accepted anywhere in the country. A dedicated website, known as the MCA Portal is launched to facilitate e-filing of various forms. The url of this website is www.mca.gov.in. The MCA portal contains detailed instructions about the scheme, various forms and a lot more information. OVERVIEW OF MCA 21 Key components • A new set of electronic forms or e-Forms are created