What is meant by cost reimbursement grant funding?

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1 Answer

Reimbursement means that grant funded agencies must first expend their own money for activities identified in the grant application. Agencies will then be reimbursed by OHSP for actual costs incurred. Question: What costs are eligible for reimbursement? Answer: Only costs identified in the grant application budget are eligible for reimbursement. Support documentation showing actual costs expended must be included when submitting a quarterly or monthly financial report for reimbursement. Question: What documents would be considered supporting documentation for cost reimbursement? Answer: Copies of invoices, officer dailies, checks for contractual payments or equipment purchases, and account or fund expenditure reports, are examples of supporting documentation. Question: How are actual costs different from the budget costs identified in the grant application? Answer: Budgeted costs that are identified in the application are projections based on expected activity. Costs eligible for ... more
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