What is metacognition teaching method?

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I have never heard metacognition referred to as a teaching method, but the term means "thinking about one's thinking." We do want children to become metacognative. How I have done this is to demonstrate think-alouds and ask the students to do the same. We want them to be able to explain their thinking and how they came upon an answer or idea. We ask students to be metacognitive often in Math these days, especially when we ask them to explain how they got their answer. Metacognition is also important in reading. This is how teachers model think-alouds most often. While reading aloud, they pause at a difficult word and talk about the strategies they use to figure out that difficult word or understand the meaning of the passage. It might sound something like this.... "Hmmmm....I don't know the word herbivores, I wonder what it means? Let me go back and read the sentence again. Black bears are herbivores. Well...that didn't help me very much. Maybe I'll go on to the next sentence and ... more
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