What is most comfortable for sleeping – a recliner, the sofa, a bed pillow – just bed?

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• The recliner was the most comfortable for me. And a breakfast-in-bed type tray to use while sitting in the recliner to eat or use as a desktop was very useful. • It was really uncomfortable for me to sleep flat for the first couple of weeks. I really wished I had a hospital bed and you can rent them short term. I recommend this if at all possible. Otherwise, being propped up a bit was best for me. A recliner might work. • Recliner was REALLY helpful. • I liked sleeping almost sitting up, so an extra pillow helped. • I had no problem sleeping in my bed from the first night. • I found sleeping in my bed the best for me. • I SLEPT IN OUR BED. GETTING OUT OF BED WAS A REAL PAIN. IF YOU HAVE A POST ON THE BED, THAT MIGHT HELP. • A RECLINER MIGHT BE NICE, IT WAS NOT A QUESTION FOR US. • A recliner is very comfortable for a few days, because he will not feel like getting up and down, and it is easier to manipulate the collection tube and bag. After a few days, I just crashed on the sofa ... more
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