What is NetSpend's definition of a pending transaction?

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1 Answer

Pending transactions funds are placed on hold by the merchant. If your transaction appears in the pending transaction section of your Transaction History it is not eligible for dispute. Please check back within seven business days to see if the funds have been collected by the merchant. • When am I going to get my money? The disputes investigator will make a decision within ten business days of your filing the claim. • How long does the process take? The disputes process could take up to 90 days for resolution. • What information do you need from me (the customer)? It depends on the type of dispute. This information can be found on the dispute form. • How will I be contacted with the status of my dispute? Notification on the status of your dispute will be mailed to you within ten business days of filing the claim. An electronic copy of the notification will be sent to your Secure Inbox. • Why does my card need to be blocked when disputing unauthorized charges? If you have experienced ... more
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