What is non-emergency medical transportation?

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Ironically enough, it’s a service that very few people ever think to consider when starting a business, or when they need a service. A non-emergency medical transportation company primarily deals with transportation of the elderly and disabled. You’re going to be transporting people who need some form of assistance more so than you would if you needed a taxicab or similar service. Predominantly we transport people who are in wheelchairs, a lot of people who are in stretchers, and a number of people who are ambulatory. Ambulatory meaning that they can walk like me and you, but many times they move a little slower, maybe because of a disability or because of their age, they may have a walker or cane, and therefore they do need a little bit of assistance. So non-emergency medical transportation is, unlike an ambulance service, we are non-emergency. We don’t transport people that need life support or anything, but we do transport people who are wheelchair-bound, stretcher-bound, or just ... more
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