What is on Queen Hatshepsut's crown? Can you provide a website for proof?

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Hatshepsut wore the while crown of upper Egypt and the red of Lower Egypt. She is also depicted wearing the blue war crown and the traditional crown of Egyptian queens which was most likely made of gold and had featured the feathered wings of the vulture which framed the face and had the head of the vulture and a rearing cobra at the centre front. There are also some depictions that show her wearing the classic nemes head dress. As you would know Hatshepsut chose to be depicted as a male pharaoh, even to wearing the false beard, although she was very much a woman from the research of her private life. In the statues of that make up the facade of her funerary temple at Dier el Bahari she is shown wearing the typical Osirian head dress which is very similar to the conical white crown of Upper Egypt. Unfortunately no actual royal crown has yet been found in excavations so we can only take reference from the depictions of excavated statuary,contemporary wall reliefs and paintings. From ... more
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