What is Permatex Hylomar HPF?

hpf hylomar permatex

Hylomar Ltd in the past has sold a solvent-free version of Universal Blue to Permatex in bulk, which they have repackaged as Permatex Hylomar HPF with our approval. This started at a point when Loctite (the former parent company of Permatex) was Hylomar’s US distributor. Since then Loctite was acquired by Henkel, which sold Permatex in a MBO, which was then acquired by ITW, and Hylomar has set up its own US distribution company. Some Permatex HPF may still be available in retail locations. When ITW bought Permatex, they withdrew Hylomar HPF from the market. Customer outcry was such that now, two years later, they have reintroduced a version of Hylomar to the market – Hylomar Racing Formula – in a 35ml tube. Hylomar Racing Formula is an acetone solvented version with higher performance (tackiness and adhesion) and the solvent makes it much easier to apply. Hylomar USA Inc sells other versions of Hylomar Universal Blue that is not available from Permatex, including Advanced Formula, a so