What is practicum and how do I find a placement?

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Practicum is the required supervised training that must be completed before graduation. For MFT candidates, practicum is a three-quarter commitment. Students in the 51-unit program dedicate two quarters to practicum. Placements are coordinated by Dr. Moretti. Students often explore a host of potential placements at the "Practicum Fair" which is hosted at SCU each spring. Representatives from organizations (social service programs, schools, YMCA/YWCA, counseling centers, clinics, community colleges, etc.) that are looking for students in training come to SCU for the fair to recruit trainees for the coming year. The sites featured at the fair have been pre-approved by Dr. Moretti as providing adequate amounts of training and high-quality supervision. We also have a binder with the approved sites that can be viewed at the Administrative Assistant's (Susan Babbel's) desk. However, if you already know where you would like to do your practicum and it is not yet recognized by our department, ... more
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