What is premium diesel fuel?

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Back to Listings There are no specific standards or guidelines established to govern classifying a Diesel Fuel as a Premium Diesel Fuel. While there are octane standards defined for gasoline which determines a difference between grades of gas there are no such specification standards for diesel fuel. more
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• There is no definition of premium fuel, so the term eally means nothing and is over used by suppliers. For a descrition of the characteristics proposed for "premium diesel" see this Cheveron bulletin. more
Until recently, premium diesel was anything the seller wanted it to be. It could be any combination of fuel characteristics that a particular market demanded. The lack of standards to define "premium" meant that a fuel could be labeled premium and marketed alongside a competitor's premium fuel that met fewer performance standards. Usually, it was difficult to differentiate one product from another, so the lower-priced product inevitably had an advantage.
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