What Is Reishi Mushroom Extract?

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Reishi mushrooms, of which there are several species derived from the genus Ganoderma, have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Once a rarity reserved only for the wealthy, reishi mushroom extract can now be found abundantly as a tincture in capsule form or in granular form that is sold as-is or pressed into tablets. Though the product has not shown significant results in testing on humans, many people rely on the supposed preventative and treatment effects of reishi mushroom extract on a variety of diseases and illnesses. more
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Reishi extracts come in two forms, a powdered extracts and a liquid (alcohol) extract. The best form is powdered. However, make sure you're getting a full spectrum reishi extract. Full spectrum reishi extract is a double extract of both hot water and alcohol. This allows you to receive all the hot water properties and all the alcohol properties from the reishi mushroom. I recommend Invincible Herbs Reishi extract, they offer the full spectrum reishi and higher concentration then many of brands around. Huge plus is that is ORGANIC.

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