What is Roughage Buster?

Buster roughage

Roughage Buster is a supplement designed to provide crude protein, Alliance Nutritions scientifically formulated base and trace minerals plus vitamins A, D, and E to cattle on pasture or high-roughage rations. The crude protein is primarily supplied by Alliance Nutritions exclusive product biuret, a non-protein nitrogen source, which is gradually released in the rumen. The vitamins and minerals in Roughage Buster are protected from weather elements through utilization of the patented WeatherMaster weatherization process. Roughage Buster is available in 33.3 lb blocks or 50 lb bag loose WeatherMaster processed formulations. Why Use Biuret? Protein is one of the most expensive nutrients to supplement in the diet. Protein from non-protein nitrogen (NPN) is relatively inexpensive, but the most common source of NPN, urea, is released too rapidly in the rumen, as shown in the chart, to be well utilized in high-roughage diets. This rapid release can cause ammonia toxicity in some instances. D