What is seasonal work?


Seasonal positions are typically in the areas of the Club which are affected by weather/season and required only for a specific period of time during the year; for example, positions at the swimming pools and golf bag room (summertime).


Seasonal work is made up of temporary jobs that are in demand during particular seasons of the year. Australia and New Zealand have large resource and agricultural sectors as well as a varied climate so there are many different types of work and jobs all year round. The most common is harvest work, often referred to as fruit picking, which is available for most of the year if youre prepared to move around. But there are also a variety of jobs at different times on farms, ski-fields, fisheries, factories, and in tourism areas. Who can do it and what experience do you need? Many seasonal jobs, such as fruit picking and factory packing, require little or no experience and training is usually on-the-job. However, as the days can be long and the work physically demanding, it is important to be fit and healthy. Other seasonal jobs may require particular skills such as horse riding and fencing for farm work or hospitality experience for resort work. There is also a myth that you need to be ab