What is shared governance and why is it important?

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The University of Wisconsin has a proud tradition of shared governance. Since 1848, faculty and students have worked hand-in-hand to shape and implement the administrative policy that guides the academic experience. What has emerged and continues to evolve is a partnership that uniquely defines our institutional mission as a Land-Grant university with service to the public and the needs of the state. As the university grew and changed, so did the infrastructure necessary to carry out our mission of teaching, research, and service. As faculty duties increased, different types of employees were needed to serve in various support roles and key positions to move the overall mission forward. These employees, now called the academic staff, also have a direct stake in the governance of the institution. Recognizing and enhancing this shared responsibility has been an evolutionary process that continues today. In 2007, the University of Wisconsin academic staff celebrated a milestone of 20 ...
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