What is Sine Wave Massage Therapy?

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Although the sensation of a Dynotone experience is similar to that of being vibrated, it is very different from mechanical vibrating massage systems commonly found in the market today. Dynotone is more pleasing and beneficial because there are no resonances, no grinding shakes and jarring “mechanical fingers” pressing into your back. For many, mechanical vibration and massage systems can cause soreness, and a sensation of motion sickness. The sensation of sine wave therapy is a pleasing massage. Dynotone represents an alternative to the current accepted medical treatments for anxiety or physical pain, which rely on drugs. Drugs can have side effects. Dynotone can relieve anxiety even induce sleep through specific massage programs, all without the use of drugs and their side effects. The benefits of Dynotone sine wave massage are simple and easy to understand. Dynotone relieves anxiety and pain while increasing circulation. Dynotone is an enjoyable, relaxing experience. What is the ... more
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