What is So Different About Negrita Amole Shampoo, Conditioner & Concentrate?

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1 Answer

Rio Grande Herb Company has been manufacturing this unique modern blend of an authentic herbal secret for over a decade. These extraordinary natural hair care products are botanically enriched to improve elasticity, build thickness, condition scalp, and add a silky, brilliant shine to each strand of hair. Negrita Amole products are safe to use on any type of hair. This natural formula may be used on permed hair and does not strip the color from colored hair. This formula helps aid in thinning hair or loss of hair and is why it has become so popular. The natural ingredients are the secret to success. Local pharmacists have had a high percentage rate of proven success from their customers by recommending Negrita Amole products as a natural alternative for hair loss or thinning hair. The last ten years of increasing nationwide sales has proven success. You are guaranteed to be pleased when you try Negrita Amole products. Many people find our Concentrated formula of Negrita Amole ...
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