What is soundproofing with cellulose?

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1 Answer

A. In measuring sound, STC, the Sound Transmission Comparison is the transmission of sound through a surface. The higher the STG rating, the less sound is transmitted through a structure. Sound transmission comparisons will vary depending on the type of wall construction. Wood studs versus metal studs make a difference in the STC rating as does the thickness of gypsum board. A 5/8" gypsum board will slightly improve the STC rating compared to a 1/2" gypsum board. Blown cellulose can alter sound transmission qualities over a broad frequency range. Its unique quality creates a favorable acoustical climate and makes a difference in sound transmission. It is being used with increasing frequency to isolate a noisy room or area of a building. The addition of blown cellulose to an interior wall will make an appreciable difference in the STC rating and will decidedly reduce the noise level coming from an adjoining room. With cellulose, the percent of sound absorption is .75. This means that ... more
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