What is special about a Pre-Hospital Directive (Orange Form)?

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1 Answer

This document must be printed on bright orange paper and states that you do not want cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to restart your heart or breathing. The Pre-Hospital Directive must be signed by you and must be signed by either your physician or other health care provider. 15. If I complete a Pre-Hospital Directive do I need any other Advance Directive? Yes. The Pre-Hospital Directive has a limited role. The Pre-Hospital Directive is only effective outside of a health care institution (at home and in the community); it is not effective in the hospital or other health care institution. 16. Do I need a lawyer to complete an Advance Directive? No. You do not need a lawyer to make an Advance Directive. 17. Do I need to use a special form? You do not have to use a specific form. Although there is a sample form in Arizona law, you may use any form, as long as it is conforms to the law and is properly witnessed. 18. Must a Health Care (Medical) Power of Attorney or Advance Directive ... more
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