What is Spilanthes-Usnea Tincture?

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Spilanthes-Usnea Tincture (pronounced "sp- lan- thus use-nee-a") is an herbal tincture manufactured by the Herbpharm in Oregon. They list the tincture as beneficial in cases of blood-borne and internal fungal problems, including warts, nail fungus, vaginal yeast infection and others. It is made of two antifungal herbs: spilanthes and usnea, and is taken internally. Our recommendation, if you choose to use this tincture, is that you soak once daily (morning or evening) in Nail Fungus Soak. At the other end of the day, put one drop of Spilanthes-Usnea Tincture on each affected nail, AND drink 30 drops of the Spilanthes-Usnea Tincture in a glass of water or apple juice. (The instructions on the bottle suggest a larger daily dose, but our experience has been that 30 drops once a day is sufficient). There is enough in a bottle for a 10 day supply, used this way. Complete directions come with the Tincture. Back to top of page QUESTION: Does Nail Soak work for people with AIDS? ANSWER: Yes. ...
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