What is SSID? What should I set in the SSID field?

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SSID stands for Service Set Identification, which is the ID to form the Wireless Network. You can set up to 32 characters in the SSID field. For the Infrastructure Mode, you should set the SSID the same as the Access Point been connected with. To create a 802.11 Ad Hoc Net-work, the SSID must be the same among stations to enable the wireless communication within the local area network. You need to choose a proper SSID and channel for the first 802.11 Ad Hoc station. For other stations want to join the same SSID group, you could only choose the same SSID as the first station, but the channel will not take effect. The 802.11 Ad Hoc must enter the proper SSID. Blank SSID for the 802.11 Ad Hoc Mode is not allowed. The stations want to join the 802.11 Ad Hoc Network must have the same SSID and are suggested to have the same IP Address in the Network group. more
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