What is System Error 43?

Error system

System Error 43 is a generic code telling you that your unit did not boot. The text that appears on your video monitor while the console is displaying the System Error 43 message is more informative: • DSP Card Not Ready – This Error is generally caused by a missing or bad connection in the Data cable or the Sync Card. Typically, it is not a hardware failure issue. On the D8B, check the Data cable between the console and CPU. Make sure it is properly connected to the correct port at each end. Otherwise, try removing and reinstalling the Sync Card. If you are using the Apogee clock card in your D8B, you can try using the Sync Card that was originally installed to determine if there is a Sync Card specific issue. • Boot Fail – This error is displayed when your Mackie digital product is not able to properly load the OS. This may be due to a number of reasons: • The OS is corrupt on the hard drive. Action: Reinstall the OS from your OS floppy installer disks. • The CPU is not addressing th