What is tailgate delivery?

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Most large non-UPS-able products are shipped tailgate delivery. This is the most economical delivery available. It means the driver will bring the product to the back of the truck. Someone from your company or building will have to move the item into your building. Inside delivery is available. Please call 800-558-1010 for a quote. more
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Tailgate Delivery is a common term for standard truck delivery. The driver will bring the freight only to the back (tail) of the truck. You are responsible for offloading the merchandise delivered to you. more
This means that the freight company is only responsible to take the product to the tailgate or end of the truck. This does not come with a lift gate service. PLEASE NOTE: Many of the products are very large/heavy and may require at least two or three people to unload. Other delivery options are available for an additional charge and are the responsibility of the customer. For example lift gate service, residential service, inside delivery, and appointment scheduling. Please direct all questions to customerservice@kitchenresourcedirect.com. more
This means that the carrier is required to deliver the product to the tailgate of the truck. You are responsible for the off-loading of the truck. Inside delivery is available for an additional charge. Please call 1-800-229-7225 for a quote.
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