What is the average cost per square foot to build a log home? And is it more expensive than a stick built home?

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In most conventional stick-built homes, 2x framing is used with insulation, sheathing, house wrap and exterior covering (brick, wood, vinyl. In log home construction, solid logs are stacked horizontally with butylog and lag screws. The exterior logs need to be pre-drilled for electrical outlets. We tend to see items that would be considered upgrades in stick built homes being standard in a log home. These include hardwood flooring, custom cabinets, granite or siltstone counter tops, 6-panel solid core interior doors, and high performance low-E windows. Interior walls and ceilings are T & G and many have cathedral/vaulted ceilings in one or more rooms. Roof pitches are 10/12 or greater and they will have porches and or sun rooms. The cost of a contractor turn key price in our area can range from $150.00 to $200.00 per square foot. This depends on the material upgrades and the area in which you build. more
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