What is the Average Price of a Good Car Wax Job?

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A car wax job such as a good Simonize can cost, depending on the facility and the expertise of the detailer, anywhere between $75 and $175. Since the competition in the wax and polymer car sealant market is so heavy today, you should find a specialist who knows how to properly apply and use not only a buffing wheel, but any chemicals var randomNumber = Math.random(); var dfpZone = 'CDCXMTUsedCar'; var entryMake = ''; var entryModel = ''; var environment = 'www.carsdirect.com'; var category = 'car-maintenance'; if ( typeof(tileCount) == "undefined" ) { tileCount = 1; } else { tileCount++; } document.write(''); and sealers needed to do a proper job. The detailer, by the way, is the person who cleans and polishes your car and their charges can vary widely. more
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