What is the best car pressure washers to buy?

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Alexia Hunt

Hi guys! I am looking for an advice. Can a pressure washer be used safely to wash a car? And what car washer is the best?

Keith Aliberti

While pressure washers are often used by many automotive detailers and car wash businesses, they are not actually safe for the paint. Typically the pressure, especially for professional pressure washers, is too high and will damage the paint – particularly if the nozzle is brought to within a few inches of the paint surface. Pressure from a standard home garden hose with a nozzle is fine for almost all car washing. But, if you want to use a pressure washer then buy an electric one that doesn’t go much above 1200psi. All you need is a good car wash soap (you can just buy that at your local Walmart) and a good wash mitt…rinse the car really well and use two buckets (one for your soapy water and one as rinse bucket) and wash the car one section at a time.


I am currently using https://unimanix.com/en/ car washer. It’s really safe and it cleans car really fast and also you can save money on water bills.