What is the best climate for growing habanero chilies?

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1 Answer

Like all hot peppers, the habanero thrives in hot weather and a growing season that isn't too short, as in northern climates. It's thought to have originated in the Caribbean, specifically Cuba, so a climate similar to that would be best. Additional information: Since peppers belong to the nightshade genus, too much sun can be damaging to the leaves and plant. As with all peppers, the habanero thrives in an area with good morning sun with soil that has an acidity level around a 5-6pH. The habanero should be watered when dry only. Overly moist soil and root will produce bitter-tasting peppers. The habanero is an annual flowering plant, meaning it will bear fruit for only one year. After that, it will continue to thrive, but will not bear fruit again.
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