What is the best HDMI cable for gaming?

Mary D Posted

What is the best HDMI cable for gaming?

Frank Davis


For gaming I use HDMI cable with Ethernet NANOCABLE 10.15.3602 2 m S0212244 https://alimart.ae/catalog/computers-electronics/electronics-television/audio-and-video-cables/hdmi-cable-with-ethernet-nanocable-10-15-3602-2-m-2901683.html and it works well for me. You see, I am a gamer and can spend nights playing that is why I prefer some reliable computer stuff. Hope it can help

Masha Esina

Any cable which works. You need spend no more than $5 for a perfectly functional HDMI cable. Fry’s often runs promos for which they wind up being free.

The reason it makes no difference is that an HDMI cable is a straight wired direct digital connection. The speed of signal propagation is close to that of light.