What is the best make-up to use?

Jacqueline Peters Posted Ricky edited answer

Some make-up brands are not legit and some are just do right cheap.

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Face wash is the most important step before makeup. You must wash your face before doing makeup, otherwise your face will look dull. I prefer to use the facial cleanser that I chose on Pastel Makeup & Hair, because it is quite cheap, simple and gives me the desired result. In the same place, I also select funds for the care of hairs.

Krikka Tukka

Before applying makeup, you need to make the skin perfect. Most likely you yourself know that under the foundation you need to apply the foundation. Thus, the skin of the face will look more even, and makeup will last longer.

Fanni Too

Makeup should be used to match your skin tone. For example, I have an olive tone and for a long time I could not understand how to apply makeup correctly, which cosmetics I should use, and what I would refuse. But here I was lucky enough to find a complete guide to make-up olive skin tone (more for reading) and now I have no questions left.

Karuna Jock

I think the best make up to use is the kryolan brand make-up, professional make-up artists use this brand.