What is the best parental control apps for iPhone?

Masha Esina


I am planning to install some parental control app on my kids` devices and looking for some ideas.

Please share your experience upon the best parental control apps for iPhone

June Harris

I’ve also heard about FamilyTime but haven’t used yet. It’s good for parental control but what is the situation is in the control of the whole office or a big company? I know the company which is good in testing of different software https://testmatick.com/ Hope they would help me because I need this option with increasing of my business.

Mary D

I can share my experience. We have installed an app called mspy for our kids. It is quite a user-friendly application for watching over children by tracking all activity including call log history and GPS location. My boys are very active and it is very essential for me to be aware of their location. Also, we appreciate the opportunity to view a list of all apps installed on our kids` devices and bock those we don’t wish them to use. I am very glad we have found such a reliable app.

AnnetFowler Kallykally777@gmail.com

Hi, try FamilyTime for iOS. I personally use it. There are different monitoring features for calls, contacts, internet history etc. You can also filter adult content and allow only age- appropriate content