What is The Best Players in Babe Ruth League?

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1 Answer

The Best Players in Babe Ruth League was created to honor outstanding players in Babe Ruth League. Each player selected who is included in an "All-Star" Edition has their personal profile and photograph (if a photograph is sent in with the Data Form) included in the edition. Why was I chosen to be considered for inclusion and how did you get my name? The players are selected based upon their accomplishments as players during the year of the edition in question. The names of these outstanding players were supplied to us by your league based upon your accomplishments in the field as a player and/or leader. Players who are included in any given year's edition as an "All-Star" are the elite players of their league and represent less than 5% of the total of the players in their league. Does the inclusion of any player in the book obligate the player or the parents to purchase the book? Absolutely not. There is never, under any circumstances, any cost or obligation to have the player ... more
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