What is the best social media platform to become popular? Instagram?

Glen Moore Posted

Going through posts on here I feel like people really hate Facebook, Instagram is better but for how long? Haven’t really seen much about Twitter, youtube.

In essence, let me break it down. If you say a small business owner and you want to promote your business where should the majority of you social media postings be? Which one is the best currently?

Jogn Cartman

If Facebook used to be more popular, Instagram is more popular, but I would advise you to stop on Instagram. It’s safer. I also wanted half a year ago to be more popular. I tried to grow in followers, and I turned to the https://famoid.com/buy-instagram-followers/. They helped me grow to 4-5k when I was only 500, and I only bought 1000 followers. The idea is that followers are very active, and so they attract their friends so that you will grow faster and easier. How much to jump through other Instagram pages and after them may be inactive and make your page look more suspicious.

Demi Cameron

Instagram is really cool and powerful but it’s not the easiest platform. I still can’t understand how can I see what my boyfriend likes on Instagram

It always changes and updates something.


I want to say that you can make your own channel on YouTube. It is the most popular solution today and I can say that Air is helping with different actions in order to achieve first subs, followers and to gain popularity as well. It is really hard at the beginning, today it is really easy to start with TikTok. Most of the teenagers and bloggers are using this platform.


Yes, Instagram is one of the best platforms to become popular, though not the only one. I suggest checking U LIVE out https://ulive.chat/periscope-en.html. This live video platform allows you to stream and upload your content. A lot of people have already started making money using it. Moreover, it is possible to meet new interesting people there. I’m sure, this application will be a competitor to Instagram in the future.

Nikole Brown

I also think that Instagram is the best platform to become popular.