What is the best temperature for car paint repair?

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1 Answer

72F with 50% humidity is the best weather for car painting. Avoid painting in direct sun and in the windy conditions. Temperatures above 80F and below 55F can compromise your paint job. Since all areas have different weather, try to get to the recommended conditions as close as you can. During cold winter, it is a good idea to use heated garage. When painting in the garage, make sure you have enough light. Q: After car paint repair, why do I need to wait 30 days before applying wax? A: Coat of wax seals the paint creating a barrier coating over the surface, that prevents solvents from escaping through evaporation, or drying up. Solvents, also called thinners and reducers, are used to thin the paint down so that it can be atomized into a spray when applied with a paint gun or an aerosol can using compressed air. Q: Why do I need to apply a primer before painting the car? A: Paint doesn’t do a good job sticking to the metal or plastic. For this purpose, we need to use primer. Primer is ... more
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