What is the best temperature set-point for my air conditioner or heat pump?

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1 Answer

The quick answer is the temperature at which you feel comfortable. However, we all have different needs and comfort levels. Most people feel comfortable in the winter time between 68-72 degrees. In the summer, 74-78 degrees is common for many. When choosing an indoor set-point temperature, remember that your air conditioner should lower the relative humidity in the house making you feel more comfortable at higher temperatures than one would feel in the winter. The important thing to remember is not to vary the temperature too much. Your air conditioner is constantly struggling to maintain the delicate balance of humidity and temperature. Every time you adjust the temperature, you can potentially upset that balance. Air conditioners generally are sized to maintain a 20 degree temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. It is important to remember that on really hot days the system will likely run for long periods of time and may be unable to maintain any setting below 75 ... more
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