What is the best time to apply pre-emergent weed control in the lawn?

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1 Answer

Because weed seeds literally fly in with wind at all times of year, pre-emergent weed control can be done at anytime of year using a pre-emergent weed control product. That being said, to be most effective, pre-emergent weed control should be done before most of the weeds begin to grow. In the South, we have two categories of weeds: 1) warm season weeds which grow during the spring and summer seasons, and 2) cool season weeds, such as poa annua and henbit that grow during the winter months. So, the best times to treat lawn weeds in the southern zones with a pre-emergent herbicide are early Fall (September/October) and late Winter (February/March)...before most seasonal weeds begin to germinate. What is the best pre-emergent weed control to use on my lawn? This depends on your location and what is available at local nursery and garden centers in your area. At Wilson Bros Nursery, we stock Team 2G Lawn Weed Pre-emergent Weed Control for the late winter application, and then carry a ... more
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